We take an interest-based approach

Our educators plan activities around each child’s individual needs and interests, with both indoor and outdoor programs that help progress outcomes. At Thornton ELC, we structure learning so children are always engaged and interested.

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Early Years Learning Framework

We base programs on the Early Years Learning Framework – a national framework designed to put each child at the centre of their learning. We have 5 outcomes:


Children have a deep-felt sense of wellbeing


Children are effective communicators


Children have a very strong connection to who they are

Connect & Contribute

Children feel like they belong and have something to contribute


Children learn confidently and are involved in their learning

These outcomes cover all areas of development and we incorporate these into your child’s learning and day-to-day activities. This allows your child to develop in their own unique way and bring out the skills and confidence that arms them to take on a whole new world of learning.

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Like many leading Australian childcare centres, Thornton ELC uses Storypark to provide personalised learning never seen before. The centre benefits by having high-level training and support on hand with a large community of professional early learning educators; and parents can receive constant feedback on their child’s progress.

We love Storypark – and you will too! In fact, a recent survey found that 70% of parents were more likely to send their child to a centre that offered it.

Why we love Storypark​

Storypark connects children, facilitators and families like never before – opening up whole new ways of communicating a child’s learning journey. Parents and caregivers can see how their child is progressing, what kind of learning interests them and where some more attention may be given.